Created September 24 2022

This is a small collection of VIPRPG and other doujin RPG Maker works translated from Japanese to English. Most of these will link to a sub-album where the game and any other relevant images/text files can be found. A few, however, will link directly to the game's rar archive instead (mostly early ones that I didn't think to make albums for and am too lazy to do now). Larger games that do not fit within Catbox's 200MB size limit will instead link to a mega folder. Below all of these links/etc are the promo images for each game. Please use restraint when posting these on places like 4chan/twitter etc, so as not to be obnoxious or seem like a shill. After all these are the /vrpg/ EXCLUSIVES; The games speak for themselves and have their own natural appeal, so there is no need to shove it down people's throats. Please post in one of the RPG Maker threads on 4channel's /vrpg/ board if you notice any game-breaking issues (most commonly, failure to load images) as I check them periodically and can have fixes out very quickly. ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- MEIKYUU RYUUKI - DRAGON KNIGHTESS LABYRINTH Genre: Mystery Dungeon RPGM Version: 2k3 Maniacs Patch ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ENCHANT FARM Genre: Turn-based JRPG Souls-like RPGM Version: 2k Latest Patch (Rev.11): ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- DRAGON FANTASY Genre: JRPG/Final Fantasy x Dragon Quest Mashup RPGM Version: 2k ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- FINAL FANTASY ? (FF HATENA) Genre: JRPG/Final Fantasy Fan Game RPGM Version: 2k ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- SOLDIERESS SAGA 2 - THE OBLIVIAL GIRL - Genre: JRPG RPGM Version: 2k ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- HALF-HOUR SOLDIERESS Genre: RPG w/strict time limit RPGM Version: 2k (2k3 Maniacs Patch for translation) ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- WIND I CREATOR Genre: Raising Sim/Board Game-like RPG RPGM Version: 2k ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- MOSHIMON QUEST MONSTERS - LINUX'S WONDERLAND Genre: Monster Raiser/Dragon Quest Monsters parody RPGM Version: 2k (2k3 Maniacs Patch for translation) ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- MEGA MOSHIMO Genre: Rockman/Megaman clone RPGM Version: 2k ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- THUNDER DRACO ~THE AMBITION OF THE HERO ALEX~ Genre: Shmup/Bullet Heck RPGM Version: 2k3 Maniacs Patch ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ROTHDAM! Genre: DRPG RPGM Version: 2k ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- CIRNOZARDRY Genre: DRPG RPGM Version: 2k ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- THE GOBURINBRO FONT COLLECTION ~For personal use/RPG Maker 2k/3 use~ *No credit is necessary if you use these fonts. Just enjoy them.* Pharsti Gothic Font Collection Tsukuru Gaia 12 Font Camelot Italic Font Collection Advance Fantasy Mono Font Chicago 2k3 Font Collection Fantasy 7 2k3 Font Collection Mother 2k3 Font Collection

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