Facts, Answers, Qt3.14s


What file types aren't allowed?
.scr, .exe, and .cpl are blacklisted. Everything else is fair game.
Banned Content
Do not upload: Child pornography (Loli/Shota: Okay), viruses/malware, or anything else that makes you go "should I really upload this?".
If you're uploading CD Gens, Cracks, etc, encrypt the archive BEFORE UPLOADING, or it will be detected as a virus by most AVs, and will get deleted because Google shitfits about that kind of stuff.
But what if I really wanna upload malware?
The file is going to be deleted, and you're going to get banned.
Are you a pomf.se clone?
Yes/No. The site is based around pomf's "simple sharing" aspect, but no code comes from pomf.
Are you (F)(L)OSS?
Why don't you release your source?
Because there's so much dirty code I wouldn't be proud of publishing.
Can I have the cute girls in the bottom right of the screen?
Here are the vectors themselves, and here are the source images (missing like three).
ShareX code?
Why are my .html/.php/.ht* files being served as plain text?
Throughout the entire month of November 2016 I had a massive amount of phishing pages being uploaded. CSP would not have fixed the way they were phishing.


What information is kept on users?
Your IP address is stored with your account. You shouldn't think it's private information anyways.
Why do you need an email address?
Because it helps if I ever need to contact you. You don't need to put in a real email. I never validate them - you'll just miss out on my love letters!
Why do you need to keep my IP address?
For security purposes. IP addresses are kept with accounts in the database, and normal access logs are wiped monthly.
What happens if my file receives a DMCA claim/removal request?
If you file is actually copyright infringing, it's going to get deleted. I have the sole discretion of determining that.
protip for avoiding your file getting reported: don't post the link publicly, like on a forum.

If you have any other questions, email me.