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What file types aren't allowed?
The following file types are currently not allowed: .exe, .scr, .cpl, .doc*, .jar
Banned Content
Do not upload: Child pornography, viruses/malware, entire episodes of anime, or full length episodes of TV shows, heavy gore, sexualized depictions of minors, bestiality and sexual violence. I will purge your account/uploads if anything you upload violates these rules. See our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service for more info.
You cannot use Catbox for commercial services without prior approval. Examples include as a CDN, image host for your business/ecommerce site, or a source for videos that are streamed on sites other than files.catbox.moe directly.
Should you violate any of the above banned content, your offending files will be deleted, your account (should you have one) banned, and your IP blacklisted.
But what if I really wanna upload [insert banned content]?
The file is going to be deleted, and you're going to get banned.
Are you a pomf.se clone?
Yes/No. The site is based around pomf's "simple sharing" aspect, but no code comes from pomf.
Are you (F)(L)OSS?
Why don't you release your source?
Because a lot of it is messy and I don't like competition.
ShareX code?
Why are my .html/.php/.ht* files being served as plain text?
Throughout the entire month of November 2016 I had a massive amount of phishing pages being uploaded. CSP would not have fixed the way they were phishing.
Why can't I upload .gif files bigger than 20 MB?
Are you stupid or something?
Why can't I see anything on files.catbox.moe?
Catbox is currently blocked by some ISPs and filtered DNS servers. If you're a subscriber of British Telecom (BT), Vodafone, or some Australian/New Zealand ISPs, and are not using custom DNS servers, you will probably have issues. Additionally, Catbox has been blocked by Quad9 before. The question is, why are you still using ISP/filtered DNS servers? Consider using OpenDNS, Quad8 (Google DNS), or Level3.
How can I support Catbox?
Thanks! You can donate with card via Patreon!

Connectivity Issues

Why can't I access Catbox/access files on Catbox (files.catbox.moe)?
Good question! It turns out certain governments in the world hate freedom of information, don't have net neutrality, don't see online service providers as legally exempt entities, or a combination of the three!
You will have issues accessing Catbox/files on Catbox if you are connecting from the following countries or providers:


What information is kept on users?
Your IP address is stored with your account. You shouldn't think it's private information anyways.
Why do you need an email address?
Because it helps if I ever need to contact you. You don't need to put in a real email. I never validate them - you'll just miss out on my love letters!
Why do you need to keep my IP address?
For security purposes. IP addresses are kept with accounts in the database, and normal access logs are wiped monthly.
What happens if my file receives a DMCA claim/removal request?
If your file is actually copyright infringing, it's going to get deleted. I have the sole discretion of determining that.
protip for avoiding your file getting reported: don't post the link publicly, like on a forum.

If you have any other questions, email me.