What another year it's been!

It was a pretty sleepy year for Catbox! Mainly because I've been gearing up against a lot of real life stuff, like college, work, attempting to have a functional social life, among other things. We did have some pretty neat things happen though!

We started out this year with about 19,000~ users. Now, we're up to 33,000!
We also started out with only 701~ GB of content and 332,000~ files. Now it's about 1800~ GB and 691,000~!
Of that, Project Lain is currently offloading 257,198 files (at a whopping 959 GB)!

My host tried to tell me to fuck off. I didn't.
Catbox turned 2 years old, and I launched my Patreon!
I fucked up migrating the server (twice!)
I thought ads would be a viable profit margin on a website where over 95% of users are tech literate!
I broke the statistics while migrating the second time! Also the mail server!
Along with a few small upgrades as site storage and power was increased.

Overall, how would you rate your experience using Catbox?
How would you rate the user interface of Catbox (panels, navigation, etc)?
How easy is it to find things on Catbox?
How easy is it to use Catbox (upload files, delete files, create albums, etc)?
How much do you trust Catbox with your information?
How often do you visit the actual website?
How often do you visit Catbox from your phone?
On estimate, how many files do you upload per week?
On a scale of 1-10, would an app interest you?
On a scale of 1-10, would a computer program related to Catbox interest you (file management, mass storage, etc)?
How did you find out about Catbox?
Why do you find yourself using Catbox over other alternatives?
What would you most like to see added to Catbox, if anything?
What would you most like to see removed from Catbox, if anything?
How sad would you be if Catbox didn't exist?
Anything else?

Poll closes sometime in the next 2 weeks.