Help support Catbox!

Thanks for being interested in helping support Catbox! We run purely off gifts given to us by our users.

Operational Cost Breakdown

Datacenter Colocation: $971/month
Upgrades/Hardware Maintenance: $200/month
Offsite Storage: $200/month
Cloud Server Providers: $40/month
Administrative Costs: $60/month
Total Monthly Costs: $1,471

Funding this month (May 2024)


How you can support Catbox

The best way to support Catbox on a reoccuring basis is through Patreon. Plans start at as little as $1, and have different perks as you increase.
Ko-fi lets you send one-time donations to Catbox. All the benefits with no commitment! (also, we get a bigger cut than Patreon)
Another great way to support Catbox is by purchasing Stickers and T-Shirts from our Merchandise store!
You can gift money to Catbox using the following cryptocurrencies:
Bitcoin: bc1qmzrj4pf9fdjv2fd8s33465q94aylg7pk5k6see
Ethereum: 0xB1Cd002f22A1dC92cF2a8a143e66aEb91Fd69D59
Monero: 48iE6YxSee1cAhcSTDJfduHMCC4FkEM2Xj5ZfWzicmX5Wr1tKS83jKq1ijApPZwJiQDLRM12ViQj2LTDTeyGtbGMEAgWQbJ
Raven: R9yLNJ5UYu9bJnDJuAnTKsySk4ELBW4cyc
Additional addresses are available upon request, for anonymity purposes.