ShareX Configuration

Click here to download the easy setup file if you're running ShareX 11.5 or greater.
Click here to see the ShareX config if you're running a version less than 11.5.

Browser Extensions

You can install the latest Chrome/Vivaldi Extension by clicking here (Ver. 1.0.1) [Alt. Webstore Link].
You can download the latest Firefox Extension here (Ver. 1.0.2).
This extension adds a context menu button on images, videos, and audio for quick saving/rehosting to catbox.moe.
You can view the "source" by opening the file with your favorite archive file tool.
After installation, be sure to check the options menu.

Community Tools


A simple CLI upload tool written in Python


An implementation of the Catbox.moe API in Bash


An implementation of the Catbox.moe API in Node.js, available through npm.


The API is located at https://catbox.moe/user/api.php
There are 8 different "request types" that are valid to the Catbox API. 3 of them are for files, the other 5 are for albums.
Italicized arguments are optional. Obviously the actual order of the variables doesn't matter, but for sensiblity you should keep them as so.
File uploads
Note: for anonymous uploads, simply don't supply a userhash.
File Uploads
reqtype="fileupload" userhash="####" fileToUpload=(file data here)
URL Uploads
reqtype="urlupload" userhash="####" url="http://i.imgur.com/aksF5Gk.jpg"
Deleting Files
Deleting Files
reqtype="deletefiles" userhash="####" files="eh871k.png d9pove.gif"
Album Management
For an anonymous album, don't give a userhash. Albums created anonymously CANNOT be edited or deleted.
Albums are currently limited to 500 files. This may be removed in the future.
Creating an album
reqtype="createalbum" userhash="####" title="Title Here" desc="Description Here" files="8ce67f.jpg f51d7d.jpg 65ea43.jpg"
The files argument should be SINGLE SPACE SEPARATED FILES which exist on Catbox.
Duplicate file entries in the file argument will be removed, but please don't do that anyway.
Editing an album
reqtype="editalbum" userhash="####" short="pd412w" title="Title Here" desc="Description Here" files="8ce67f.jpg f51d7d.jpg 65ea43.jpg"
EDITALBUM IS A VERY POWERFUL REQUEST TYPE. You MUST supply every argument, or else it will be taken as "". Think of it as a direct input.
The "short" is the 6 alphanumeric characters in the url that's generated.
If you want to easily add or remove files, use the following two request types.
Adding files to an album
reqtype="addtoalbum" userhash="####" short="pd412w" files="8ce67f.jpg f51d7d.jpg 65ea43.jpg"
Removing files from an album
reqtype="removefromalbum" userhash="####" short="pd412w" files="8ce67f.jpg f51d7d.jpg 65ea43.jpg"
Deleting an album
reqtype="deletealbum" userhash="####" short="pd412w"
If you want to make curl requests to the API, here are examples of both.
curl -F "reqtype=urlupload" -F "userhash=####" -F "url=https://files.catbox.moe/174bac.jpg" https://catbox.moe/user/api.php
curl -F "reqtype=fileupload" -F "userhash=####" -F "fileToUpload=@cutie.png" https://catbox.moe/user/api.php

If you have any questions or have created something, email me.